Competition Dogs

You might be lying if you say that one of your favorite parts about Thanksgiving isn't the dog show... What's better than lounging around with a belly full of turkey watching some pups compete!? Different breeds of dogs are good for different compeitions. Here are some of the top 3 show dogs that are known for taking the title and the reasons why!

Jack Russel Terrier: With every ball of fur comes a load of energy. Jack Rusell Terriers can run around, play, and explore the whole entire day and never get tired. They also hold a very high level of intelligence which makes them great at competeting.

The Border Collie: The Border Collie is competitive and holds a great amount of energy. Agility is right up it's alley. Its fun for the dog and the handler. Agility can be very tiring but Border Collies have a great level of fitness.

Australian Shepherd: This type of dog loves chasing a tennis ball. Shepherds are none to be ecspecially good at flyball. This dogs speed, agility, and drive make the breed a longtime favorite in flyball.