Therapy Dogs

Have you ever been stressed out and need a mood lifter? Maybe a therapy dog is just what you need. We can't help but smile when our furry friend comes up to snuggle us. Therapy dogs are proven to provide both mental and physical health benefits. Therapy animals are for people who are lonely, stressed, or recovering from traumatic situations. You can often find therapy dogs in retierment/nursing homes,schools, hospices, disaster areas, with veterans or with people who have disorders or disabilites.

Beagles: The best smeller wins am I right? These dogs are great with kids, and is ecspecially a good service dog for large households or childrens hospitals.

Chihuahua: The small size of this breed makes them the ideal therapy dog. You can bring them almost everywhere which makes it easy to travel with them. They are easy to groom and bathe, and it never requires a professional groomer. (More money in your pocket) Chihuahua's are both friendly and confident.

Bichon Frise: Although this may be hard to believe...these dogs don't shed! No hair left behind, which means you can bring them just about anywhere! Resturaunts, stores, hospitals, homes, you name. The Bichon Frise is happy, cheerful and playful.